upkeeping of my herps

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upkeeping of my herps

Post  jordan1325 on Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:57 pm

well it all starts when i get up at 6 every morning before school to start feeding and taking care of my animals.first i feed all the beardies,leos, giant day geckos and croc skinks crickets. every other day with the bierdies i switch off beetween a saled and crickets. then two to three days a week i feed the caiman a pinkie, the monitor a rat or eggs and ground turkey, the blue tounge skink a mix of salad and ground turkey. the dart frogs are fed fruit flies every day. the mali uyromastyx gets fed salad every day as due the russion and redfoot tortoises.the crested geckos are fed that food that raphsomthin food every day. and the pixie frog is fed a mouse twice a week. the green tree python is fed a mouse every 10-20 days(wierd right). also the mata mata eats 3 guppys every 2 days(dont worry i never feed anything goldfish).i think all together bugs cost 120 a month, mice cost 80, and lettace i have no idea. i spend atleast 2-3 hours a day in my reptile room cleaning, handling, feeding and watering the reptiles every day but the reward is worth it!
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