OCHIS 2017/2018/2019 Program Calendars

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OCHIS 2017/2018/2019 Program Calendars

Post  Snakeman on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:53 am


Tuesday, January 24th. "Naturalistic/Bioactive Vivaria" - Richard Atwood

Saturday, February 11th.  "Town Hall Meeting - The Future of OCHIS"

Tuesday, February 28th. "Rat Snakes - Questions and Answers" - Jennifer Hinton

Tuesday, March 28th. "Handling Venomous Snakes" - Sylvias Serpentine

Thursday, April 27th. "Box Turtles III" - Ariel Petrilla

Saturday, May 13th.  Meeting Canceled.

Thursday, May 25th. "Breeding the World's Most Venomous Spiders" - Nick Krueger

Thursday, June 21st. "IBD" - Dr. Brad Minson

Tuesday, July 25th. "Snakes and Their Influence on the Art of Belly Dancing". - Nichelle Vanzandt

Tuesday, August 22nd. "Alligator Snapping Turtles" - Brian Fillmore

Tuesday, September 26th. "Bioactive Enclosures" - Tamara Buchanan

Thursday, October 26th. "Texas Horned Lizard Research at TAFB" - Hannah Myers
                                    Raffle - Michelle Snyder Melekian

Thursday, November 16th. "Herping Adventures in Costa Rica - Pictures and Stories" - Dr. Robert Balogh

Thursday, December 21st. Christmas Supper


Thursday, February 22nd. Meeting Canceled - Inclement Weather

Thursday, April 26th. Raffle & Bake Sale - Michelle Snyder Melekian

Thursday, June 28th.  "R. Leachianus History and Husbandry" - Carol Gravley

Thursday, August 23rd. "Herp Quarantine Protocol" - Dr. Brad Minson

Thursday, October 25th.  "Herping Oklahoma" - Tyler Albertson

Thursday, December 20th. Christmas Supper
(Date adjusted due to holiday.)


Thursday, February 28th. - "Rattlesnakes" > Dr. Robert Balogh

Thursday, April 25th. - "Herp Medicine Review" > Dr. Brad Minson

Thursday, June 27th. - "Alligators" > Bryan Swinney

Thursday, August 22nd. - "Annual Raffle/Auction" > Jennifer Williamson

Thursday, October 24th. - "Box Turtles IV" > Ariel Richter

Thursday, December 19th. > Christmas Supper Meeting
(Date adjusted due to holiday.)

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