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Post  thebluejackal Thu May 31, 2012 9:24 pm

I currently have 8 crested geckos and a dubia roach colony.

Morning: Flip on the "gecko closet" light, check on and LIGHTLY spritz all geckos that need it (basically if there aren't any water droplets still in their cage). About 5-10 minutes, depending.
Night: Handle geckos, check for poo, check for stuck shed, feedings (if needed), spritz everyone down well, flip off light.

Weekly schedule:
Monday: Give fresh CGD.
Tuesday: Add fresh veggies, dry CGD, and/or dry Pangea fruit mix to the feed-out dubia container for gutloading.
Wednesday: Change paper towels, weigh all geckos, clean out bug bowls, dust (with calcium with D3) and offer roaches. Drop the old CGD bowls/bottle caps into the roach container for "pre cleaning." Handy little things.
Thursday: Nothing special. Usually tend to roaches.
Friday: Give fresh CGD, remove roach bowls. remove "cleaned" bottle caps/CGD bowls for a real cleaning.
Saturday: Nothing special.
Sunday: Nothing special.

Last Wednesday of the month: Full cleaning of every tank with chlorhexadine and hot water . . . in the shower stall. My partner loves me.
I always place the geckos in deli cups with extremely wet paper towels during this process. Helps with any hydration and shedding issues that might be going on, especially with the young guys that shed often.
Last Monday of the month: Offer Pangea fruit mix with CGD.

I normally spend about $15-20 on each container (including furniture and decor) because I use sterilite bins, pipe insulation, cut-down wood dowels, and dollar store or craft store plants.

I spent probably around $400 - $500 on my 47g planted viv in my living room that a lone female lives in right now. That includes two lights, a Monsoon automated mister, and a poop ton of timers.

I go through maybe half a pound of CGD a month at the moment . . . which is about $20 a month to feed. Their bugs come "free" from my dubia colony and I make their own food out of organic rolled oats, the Taste of the Wild dog food my dogs already eat, and organic multi-grain cereal all ground up in a Magic Bullet. They also get whatever fresh veggies I have on hand and the geckos' leftovers.

I've already spent about $100 on vet bills in the past 6 months.

As cresteds require no special lighting or heat, they're fairly cheap and easy keepers.

. . . Although thus far I have had to "sauna" and then help peel shed off of two of them. XD

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