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OCHIS 2016 Program Calendar

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OCHIS 2016 Program Calendar Empty OCHIS 2016 Program Calendar

Post  Snakeman Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:39 pm

January 26th.  "Custodian of Eden Or a Preposterous Pipedream" - Carl Franklin

February 23rd.  "Keeping and Breeding Boa Constrictors" - Mike Roberts

March 22nd.  "Turtles of Mexico" – Russ Gurley  

April 28th.  "A Naturalist’s Adventures in New Guinea" – Ari Flagle  

May 26th.  "The Massasauga Rattlesnake" - Dan Fogell  

June 30th.  "Issues Facing Herpetoculture Today" - Minson, Swinney, Butler & Clark  

July 26th.  "The Best Pet Tarantulas" - Ben Quintana 

August 23rd. "The Conversion of Two Garages into His & Hers Herp Building and Turtle Room" - Tim Cole  

September 27th.  "A Look at American Rattlesnakes" - Dr. Robert Balogh 

October 27th.  "On the Trail of Blonde Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes" - Dusty Rhoads/"Fall Festival"

November 17th.  "An Introduction to the Milksnakes, Lampropeltis triangulum" – Jamie Zachary  

December 22nd.  "Christmas Supper"

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