this is what works for me.

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this is what works for me.

Post  Zak on Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:58 pm

I will have 4 females to 1 male. I feed them daily which I get my food from chris mcvikar. When I have babies I leave them with their mother until I notice them eating the food and then seperate them into their own tubs. I will keep 1 male and 2 females for breeders unless I have tons of males. My males are normally the first to go. I will save some back also for my adult snakes. To me its hard to get started because I get impatient and want to use everything so I don't have to spend any money but if you can use say 10 of your own you've at least saved some money. Rats are extremely easy to breed imo. I've learned a lot of this from chris.

If a female eats her babies I will give her a 2nd chance but if she does it again she becomes snakne food. It use to be kind of tough on me to feed my own because man rat pups are kinda cute lol but I got passed it all. Anyways this is what works for me.

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