Blaptica Dubia Feeder Roaches

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Blaptica Dubia Feeder Roaches

Post  gatsu7 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:52 am

I am selling Blaptica Dubia roaches. This will be an ongoing sale. Just check with me for availability.
These are really easy to take care of and make excellent feeders for anything that eats bugs, including arachnids, centipedes, lizards of all sizes, and insectivorous snakes. They are much more nutritious than crickets, and they don't smell, climb, or fly. They also have a lifespan of over 1 year. They are pretty much the perfect feeder insect, not to mention that they are not bad looking inverts, especially the females with the bright orange spots.

PRICING(Negotiable and Trades Will Be Considered)
20 Mixed Nymphs and Adults: $5.00
50 Mixed Nymphs and Adults: $10.00
100 Mixed Nymphs and Adults: $20.00

Colonies (Comes with custom tub)
500 Mixed Nymphs and Adults: $80.00
1000 Mixed Nymphs and Adults: $140.00

Roach Food: $4 per bag (quart size)
Water Crystals (dry): $2 per bag
Large Egg Flats: $1 each

I can deliver to the OKC metro area, or you can pick them up at OCHS meetings.

To order, contact me at:
Phone: 405-924-1590
or PM me

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