Wanted: Incubator and Temp monitoring/controlling

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Wanted: Incubator and Temp monitoring/controlling

Post  Shadraak on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:08 am

well first of course i'm needing an incubator that can heat/cool ofcourse for cresties, in a trailer the temp fluctuates soo much that i dont want to run into any problems, all i have is a hovabator and those aren't all that great.. but were ok for my leo eggs..

next year i will have hognose and n. milii's to hatch so will want something a bit more predictable ..

also looking for an infrared temp reader, so i dotn have to keep buying these stupid thermometers that go out in a few months..

and i guess that's it, would love some good thermostats but my rheostats are doing ok still after 4 years and i've got things that are all at diff temps anyway so wouldn't just ned 1 i'd need a half a dozen HEHE.

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Re: Wanted: Incubator and Temp monitoring/controlling

Post  sbender99 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:29 pm

tempgun.com for temp gun. $30+ish Rheos should be fine with a temp gun to fine tune them.

http://www.tritechresearch.com/DT2-MP-38.html is one and should lead you to others... they are big bucks for heating and cooling. There has to be a cheaper way to do it. Maybe the other guys on here know how to better provide the incubation you are looking for at a much cheaper pricetag.

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