How I do flies

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How I do flies

Post  RichardA on Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:06 am

There are so many options out there for fly culturing. You can buy media from places online, you can go all through the web looking at different is how I do it. Fairly inexpensive and works for me.

I get my tall deli cups from a local Homeland store. Just ask the deli manager, they will usually just give them to you.
Next order some vented insect lids online for them. (they are cheap)

Recipe list:

Cheap store brand instant mashed potato mix
Distilled Vinegar
Spring or Distilled water
Active dry yeast
Excelsior or Coffee filters

Mix the potato mix in the deli cup with the spring water and add a splash of the vinegar. I make mine about 1.5" deep. You are looking for the consistency of thick baby food to mashed potatoes. Add a sprinkle of the yeast on top. Add excelsior or a crumpled coffee filter for climbing area. Add your starter flies.

As the culture starts to really explode with flies make up another 1 or 2 cultures. Keep doing this and you should have an ample supply going at all times. Keep in mind that cultures can and do "crash". Its always good to have more then you need going. Another tip is to keep the cultures on a wire rack or shelf instead of a solid shelf. This helps with mite control.

I will post pics later of the ingredients and such.

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Re: How I do flies

Post  Snakeman on Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:32 am

Great info. Richard.

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