Crestie update!

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Crestie update!

Post  thebluejackal on Thu May 31, 2012 9:00 pm

We'll go smallest to largest. Because I can.

Kami-sama, 2.5g, unsexed:

Pele, 4.3g, unsexed, no pores:

Nitwit, 4.9g. unsexed, had a couple pores that disappeared:

(pardon the flash wash-out)

Tweak, 7.1g, unsexed, no pores:

Blubber, 7.9g, male:
(He's so active I had to put him on my arm to calm him down. He kept running off the platform. XD)

Skoll, 13.6g, male:

Hati, 28g, female:

I hope to be able to pair Skoll and Hati next season. Hati's been bred before (at a higher breeding weight) and has a history of producing nice high-contrast babies. We'll see!

All photos taken with an ancient point-and-shoot. (Panasonic DMC-LZ7)

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Re: Crestie update!

Post  Snakeman on Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:50 am

Looking really good.

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