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Speak up for Ohio

Post  Sylvias on Thu May 17, 2012 5:18 am

Taken from Iherp.

Okay, we basically have one more shot at this (at most), and this will all go down next week.

If you are in Ohio, suck it up and spend an hour next week making phone calls. No more excuses, this is the end of the road. And as of now, exotics owners lost terribly. Several species are being generationally banned from private ownership, and Venomous reptiles are almost entirely gone.

I realize not eveyone is politically charged, but do it for the people who love their animals. Next time it'll be you, and you'll appreciate we're all here.

Stay tuned for calls to action from OAAO, iHerp, and USArk.

The following is from OAAO

Senate Bill 310 passed the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee this evening by a vote of 17 to 4. The four Representatives who voted ‘no’ on the bill were Jim Buchy, Terry Boose, Rex Damschroder and Christina Hagan.

There was an “omnibus amendment” added, the details of which I’ll share with you in the morning; but it did not address many of our concerns.

I will provide you with a list of the 99 House members’ email addresses in the morning and a couple of “talking points” so you’ll be able to cut-and-paste and send one message to all 99 Representatives at one time. I expect the full House will be voting on the bill next Tuesday, so we’re going to have to really hustle between now and then if we hope to get any amendments on the floor or get the bill voted down. I’ll be working in the meantime on getting some Representatives to hopefully go to bat for us. I won’t lie to you --- it’s going to be tough.

Polly Britton

Even though we are not in ohio, we still need to make it known that people outside that state are aware of whats going on and we don't like it!

My spiel...
"Let me start by saying that I am not a resident of Ohio however as a student studying to become an exotic veterinarian and an exotic animal keeper myself, any and all animal related regulations affect me and my future. I want to voice my opinion that I am avidly AGAINST the current exotic animal ban that is being considered. This is not a law that is being created for the good of the people or the animals. It is simply another way to punish scores responsible individuals for the ignorant actions of a few irresponsible ones. The media hype that extensively covers any negative incident instills fear into the public over an event that is highly unlikely to happen. Everyday someone gets bitten by a poorly trained/socialized dog, kicked by a horse, or even just slip in the bath tub! Yet we don't see law after law introduced to ban those types of things "for the safety of the public".

A ban on exotics is unecessary and unrealistic. It will not end exotic ownership, it will simply turn hundreds of law abiding citizens into criminals, simply for doing what they love."
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