My (small) R. Ciliatus collection

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My (small) R. Ciliatus collection

Post  thebluejackal on Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:39 pm

These photos are all taken in a crappy makeshift light tent that needed better lighting . . . too much blue in these. My craptacular camera has a way of washing everything out, which isn't helpful.

Rose Quartz, adult female rose and cream flame with some dalmation spots from Off the Rhac. NARBC pickup.

This girl, although unique and of a FANTASTIC personality, cannot be bred. She was paired up for one season, gave exceptionally poorly calcified eggs, out of her three viable eggs, only one survived. Her tail also started to kink up, which is a sign of not having enough calcium. She was eating plenty of CGD and dusted dubia nymphs, but for some reason her body just couldn't handle it. She will live it up in my 47g planted vivarium for the rest of her life and will never see another boy.

This is how much she likes it . . .

Hati, adult female black and cream flame dalmation from Off the Rhac. She's gray here because she's not fired. She's so chill, it's difficult to get her to show her "true" colors. She laid me a clutch via sperm retention a week after I brought her home from the show. One of the eggs is definitely fertile. She hadn't been with a male since September. She's going to be part of a high contrast project I want to start once I find her a good partner. No tail, but to be honest, that's natural for an adult crested. Otherwise, they'd grow them back.

Nitwit, juvie tiger that most likely will go orange. Not fired here, either. She's currently sexing as female (but they can surprise you) and is only 3.3g. Also from Off the Rhac. I know that tigers are viewed as a "common" and "less desirable" morph, but they're just one of my favorites anyway. She's very calm and content to just sit on my finger.

Blubber, juvie harlequin whose coloring could go, well, anywhere. She's the half-sibling to Nitwit (same beautiful creamy father), but her mother could have been one of two in his breeding group. Also from Off the Rhac and currently weighing in at 5.3g and sexing as female.

You can see some potential for some REALLY nicely patterned laterals . . .

Love the creamy dorsal as well. <3

Oddment, admittedly a Petco pickup. Sometimes you can be surprised by the quality of juvie cresteds you can find there . . . Currently appears to be a tiger (MAYBE harlequin, her pattern likes to change on me) with a cream dorsal and some dashed pinstriping and reverse pinstriping and dalmation spotting. Flightiest of my geckos, but I'm working on her. Also sexing as female for the moment. More spots every shed! I like 'em dirty. <3 3.3g

Tweak, also a Petco pickup. Her color could go anywhere. Solid? Bicolor? Red? Olive? Buckskin? All I can tell is that she's currently sexing as female and weighs 4.3g. She also has a nice throat blush when she fires fully. The lighting in this pics makes her look greener than she actually is . . . she fires a dark, dark bricky-kinda red.


Mostly fired. She's developing some nice portholes and it almost appears that she's getting a little more cream on her sides as of yesterday. It's more pronounced than it is here.

Here's an older, blurrier pic of her, but a better showing of her fired color:

I use a lighted 30X jeweler's loupe to check for preanal pores on the little guys.

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Re: My (small) R. Ciliatus collection

Post  Snakeman on Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:53 pm

Great closeups !!

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Re: My (small) R. Ciliatus collection

Post  cartwright.glen on Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:12 pm

Cool stuff

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Re: My (small) R. Ciliatus collection

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