Rhac Tubs from K-Mart

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Rhac Tubs from K-Mart

Post  Shadraak on Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:42 pm

These tubs are what i need for the rest of my Rhack-Rack but they only had 4 over the time i've went thru going there, i need atleast 10 total maybe 12, total so 6-8 more depends on how big i wanna make it but they're perfect for Rhacs, lid opens up and just cut out the middle and put screen and you're done, arrange it just like a cd/dvd rack and you're done problem is kmart here in lawton .. can't order anymore tried to order from the company can get cheaper but freight shipping is about 70$ so said forget it... kmart here was 14.99 each other people say in other states they're as low as 8.99 just seeing if anyone can find them for me need to get a steady supply of them so i can get my gargs and cresties out of their ugly tubs, they're about 18gallon and perfect.

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