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Post  Snakeman on Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:34 am

My leopard gecko is suffering from, I dont know what. I have been on line searching, I put a call out to herpforum and he has been to the vet three times (Zach Coldiron)

He had a piece of skin from a shed stuck in his eye-I took a q-tip and warm water and gently wiped it off. All seemed well. I put him in with my two females to see if they would be interested in mating...nothing happened,so I separated them. However my mom put the hide box with vermiculite (sp) in his container by mistake. I was at Boy Scout Camp. I got it cleaned out but ever since he has had eye problems.
He wont open his eyes at all. Not swollen, not shrunk.
Took him to the vet, he gave me antibiotic eye drops. Used them but not as faithful as I should have. Took him back, vet said to keep using the eye drops.
Still not opening his eyes. Took him back to the vet after using the entire bottle and he gave me a referel to a vet that is a specialist in eyes -not herps- in OKC.

I am having to force feed him, he is losing wieght and I am afraid he is either going to go blind or die or both. I cleaned his cage, I replaced substrate with paper towels (it was fabric before) watching the temp in cage, misting, hot spot and cool spot in cage.

Please someone help-
Ideas, herp specialized vets...anything.

BTW-two females fine and healthy.
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Re: Help

Post  HaaStyle on Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:34 am

I would take him to Doc Minson

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